Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Announcing Blog Changes in Blog

Blogging English's "who can read" setting for  has been changed from "only blog authors" and "by invitation" to "open to all readers by default." Those with posting privileges, designated as contributors, have not been changed. Yet. However, the old saying, "use it or lose" applies here as well. 

Settings to send email notifications to our most recent members will be discontinued. Now that the blog is open you can subscribe to updates by RSS feed or email. I'll add buttons for those. 

So where does Blogging English go from here?  I will continue to post study and English learning materials, links to resources. The emphasis will still be on writing and self-paced study. I welcome posts by contributors but do ask that you check with me first.

What about writing and getting feedback on your? What if you want me to read something you have written ~ and you don't want the whole world to read it? 

If that comes up, we can start a group just for writing on Google Groups or Posterous. You are, of course, welcome and encouraged to write privately or with a writing buddy. Finding, reviewing and posting resources for independent writers will be an important project. 

At some point though, you will need another set of eyes on what you write. It takes a very long time and much skill to learn how to become your own editor.  Peer editing, reading and commenting constructively on someone else's writing help you develop editing skills.

No, I will not read and comment on or edit drafts privately. I will read and offer suggestions on drafts posted to a writing group. 

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