Sunday, January 16, 2011

My New Year Day's resolution in 2011

Sorry for my no posting to Blogging English for long time.
I found my post on the 'Tag Cloud' on the front page of Blogging English this week. It was dated on January 04, 2008. Its title was 'My New Years Day's Resolution'. It has passed three years since then. I reviewed it.

Well, I keep to do following things everyday.
a) I read an article on web news, Washington Post at least.
b) I listen to news on NPR,ABC, BBC etc.
c) I write my journal.

I couldn't achieve to do following things:
a) " E-mail to friends once a month":  I have three friends who exchange e-mail in English. I could have written to a friend only once in three months.
b)  "read 3 books in English": I could read only one book in English every year.

To tell the truth, ever day workings in English above become my habits. If I don't do one of them, I feel something wrong. So I'd like to keep these regular habits this year too.

I like reading books in my mother tongue,  but I can't read it in English. This is my problem. I'll read two books this year. I announced  my resolution in Blogging English. So I do my best to achieve it.



  1. Sadamu ~ what an excellent idea, look up old resolutions, seeing how you did and then updating them.

    Have you tried reading translations of books you have already read? That may not be as interesting as reading a brand new book but does make the reading easier. It's OK even recommended to pick books that are not too hard. They will help you improve your reading. Then you can read the harder books.

    Another tip is to read books and listen to the same book on tape.

  2. Vanessa

    Thank you very much for your advice.
    Yes, I tried to read Dick Francis's Forfret several years ago. I'll try to read one of his crim fictions.

    After I read it out, I'll look for its tape and listen to iot.

    At first I have to decide what book I read.
    There are too many books I want to read.

    I hope I'll be able to post somethig about my reading by this summer.



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