Thursday, February 03, 2011

The #ESL Daily and your PLN uses Twitter hashtags (#) to generate online newsletters from tweets that contain links related to the paper's subject. If you can't find the right newsletter for your learning needs, create your own. 

Newsletters are automatically updated daily. Today, The #ESL Daily has articles, stories, videos and pictures from IATEFL, TEFL Net, British Council, ESL.About, links to related "dailies" and a wide variety of ESL teaching and learning blogs. Every issue has links to back issues, which are saved online.

Give your learning a boost by reading The #ESL Daily: add it to your PLN (Personal Learning Network).

Need help with your PLN? Here is a good article, "PLN: Your Personal Learning Network Made Easy," that explains the PLN and will help you start your own.

Here is a wonderful video called "The Networked Student" that shows how on-line networking can enhance your 21st century skills.

When there is a large group of people combing through online resources and then collectively identifying what is the most useful, it makes sense to tap into this collective knowledge

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