Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Explore the history of Valentine's Day, a holiday that celebrates love observed by exchanging candy & gifts. Find out why love is in the air on February 14 

Sharing cards and messages about your feelings is another Valentine's Day tradition. 

Sometimes you have feelings for someone but you're not sure if they feel the same way about you. To share your feelings straight out can be scary and leaves you very vulnerable. On Valentine's Day, you may want to write a humorous poem, one that feels light and sweet, in order to find out whether they have feelings for you. In this way you won't get hurt if they not interested and you've shown that you are interested if they are. This is a safe way to make your feelings known without getting hurt. 

English Lessons for Valentine's Day 
Try Eslflow's guide to English language vocabulary and other language lessons about family, friendship, love, marriage and relationships. ESL Lessons for Valentine's Day

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