Thursday, October 14, 2010

Test Yourself | English, Oct. 14, 2010 -

A reading and rhetoric (writing) lesson from The Learning Network at the New York Times + links to more lessons. Check out this learning resource. Is is appropriate for your learning level and goals? Would you add it to your Personal Learning Network, make it part of your Personal Learning Environment? Why or why not?

"Test your reading skills with today’s question, created by Danielle Hoagland and Judith McCaffrey at Grammarlogues from the Times article “For Jenkins, Scary Moment Leaves Career at Crossroads.”

After you’ve clicked “submit answer,” more information will appear. To learn more about this topic, visit a related page on Grammarlogues."


  1. Dear teacher and classmates,

    I finally got to come in to Blog English-online class.
    I tried the link above and found only one question and I got the right answer!

  2. A very short quiz ;) But there are links to other quizzes

  3. Vanessa

    It's pitty for me to say that I made three wrong answers for three quizzes.


  4. Wrong answers can teach us more than correct ones. Use them to understand what kind of mistakes you make and why. Did you understand all the terms used (i.e. "rhetorical"? Is there a pattern? What was your original answer to the 1st one?

    Perhaps Yupaphat can help by explaining why/how she picked her answer. But let's wait until more have tried the quiz.


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