Thursday, October 21, 2010

new learning video: In the House

 A new English vocabulary video, In the House, has been uploaded to My English Dictionary
The 28 words in the learn English video include: air conditioner, bathtub, bed, chair, chandelier
closet, clothes dryer, computer, curtains, door, iron, ironing board, monitor, night stand, painting, pillow, plant, radiator, rug, sewing machine, sofa, stairs, table, telephone, television, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, window

The address for the new video is

Please comment on the video and others at the same site. Do you recommend this video and website to group members? How would you rate the site? What learning level is it most suitable for?

The My English Dictionary site owner also welcomes feedback and invites you to share the video.


  1. I visited this site. Pictures and voices are very clear. I think this video is usefull for begginer. I don't recomend this to my classmates.


  2. Sadamu and all ~ when you recommend or don't recommend a site or other learning resource, you MUST explain WHY or WHY NOT. To be helpful (and good writing practice for you), a review should be longer and more detailed. Experienced reviewers often qualify their recommendations too: recommended for _________ but not for __________.

    Do you think the video is not suitable because it is for beginners? Then say so in your review. Do you know enough about all your classmates to be sure that it wouldn't be suitable for some of them?

    The study group is mixed level and includes a few beginners who could use recommendation from more advanced members.

    I have learned a lot from your response, which has also given me an idea for a writing exercise (review writing). First though, I need to find or develop lesson materials on review writing.


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