Saturday, December 15, 2007

Reading Project

Read whatever you wish so long as it is in English and not translated from another language into English. Give a source (title, author, publishing information and date) and a very brief summary in a couple of sentences - really just an explanation of the topic. ("This story or article is about...") The main part of your report is your reaction to what you have read.
Before reporting, post telling the class what you are going to read. Let me know if you need help finding something online to read.

What did you think of the reading - quality of writing, ease or difficulty of reading?
What did you like (or dislike) most about the reading?
Would you read more by the same writer or on the same topic?
Would you recommend the story, article or novel?  Include any reservations you might have about who would enjoy reading it.
Describe a passage or section that made an impression on you.
If this were a credit course, I would give 5 points news articles and other short texts, double for short stories or longer articles and quadruple points for a novel.  Because discussing readings is always an important part of any class with readings, I would give 3 points for substantive comments (150-200 words) responding to someone else' report, with bonus points for comments showing serious thought rather than just repeating platitudes and cliches.

For fast-acting relief try slowing down (Lily Tomlin)
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  1. Ms Vanessa,
    I find this idea very good. It will make us to think seriously and methodically.
    As a first thought I’d like to work on social subjects/ problems, but I don’t know what exactly looking for. They are so many.
    As a second thought I’d like to work on environment and its problems that these are a lot.
    Another subject is the teenager and their behavior, or their education, or their models.

    Another lighter thought is to read a fairy tale. I like a lot because they remind me my children's age.
    I don’t know where looking for all these. Maybe there is something interesting at the newspapers. I’m sure that when I see the article I‘ll know if it is for me. I‘ll take a look in my own but if you have some sources to show me I’ll appreciative.
    To finishing my thoughts I would want to say that if I think something better for this work I’ll writing you again.

  2. Mata

    Pick a topic that interests you. That's always the first rule in extensive reading.

    Since your children are also studying English, reading fairy tales with them in English also sounds like a good project. There are many fairy tale sites and resources. You can expand your own reading by reading about the history and development of fairy tales in different countries and comparing themes that appear in them.


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