Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas

Hello Ms Vanessa and all of you.
I have a serious problem with my computer the last few weeks. It works very slowly; it doesn’t open internet’s pages. Each day became more and more badly. So I decided to do format. Just now I began to work on my computer. I believe that it works well. We’ll see..
I make for you a Christmas card and I wish happy holidays and Marry Christmas!!I‘ll write you soon how it was my Christmas days.

Marry Christmas!!!!


  1. Hi Mr. Mata, How are you?

    I am a Hindu by religion and live in New Delhi. But, even then we celebrate Christmas with our Christian friends and wish each other Merry Christmas.




  2. Hi Mata

    Thank you very much for your nice Christmas card. Though most of us are not Christians, we enjoy it by having parties.

    I'm looking forward to hearing what kind of Christamas you had.


  3. Rajeev & Sadumu

    The idea of celebrating holidays from other cultures is an intriguing one. Are there those among your older countrymen (and women) who disapprove?

    I think the English speaking world should reciprocate by celebrating other cultures' holidays too. Maybe we could compare holidays and put together our own holiday calendar that brings together the best of all all worlds.

    Mr Mata! Rajeev, don't you know your classmates better than that?

    Although Christmas is associated with a Western religious holiday, even before that it was winter's end solar year (solstice) celebration.

    Most cultures have seasonal and year's end celebrations. Is there a Hindu year end or family gift giving celebration you can tell us about?

    I dare say snowmen are typical of Greek Christmases.

  4. Hi Ms. Vanessa & Others friends,

    India is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-religious society and particularly Delhi which is a cosmopolitan city, people know much about other cultures and religion. One of my friends Merine D'wisser is half portuguese and being a Christian sometimes he tells me about his religion. I have seen a serial on TV "Stories from Bible" on National TV Channel. But, I am not able to understand it fully. I think I should read it more thoroughly.

    Some days back some persons were distributing New Testament free of cost to the people. I took one but was not able to understand it.

    The Hindu New Year begin sometimes in March-April every year but most of the people (Hindus) in India celebrates Christian New Year more. I also celebrates 1st of January, as New Year.

    Hindus are not fanatics. Yeah, I accept that fanaticism is rising amongst Hindus but it is not at a dangerous level. Most of the Hindus are liberal and God fearing and believes in Hell/Heaven theory. Our parents don't say anything when we celebrate Christmas but yeah it is not the same with Hindu-Muslims. Every now and then riots take place. I hope it will change.

    Ms. Vanessa I am not able to understand this line "I dare say snowmen are typical of Greek Christmases".?



  5. Rajeev

    Thank you for pointing out my typo. I am, however, surprised that you did not recognize it as such. Didn't you really mean that it did not make sense? You understood words, syntax, etc but the obvious meaning did not make sense.

    "I dare say snowmen are typical of Greek Christmases."

    "I dare say snowmen are NOT typical of Greek Christmases."

    Of course, we would expect snowmen to me more typical of northern countries with longer winters and more snow.

    Here's a good rule of thumb for decoding (making sense of) a statement that does not make sense. Check the sentence to see how adding or removing a negative changes the sense. Likewise, try looking for a word that does not fit. It could be a commonly confused word. Your spell checker won't catch those.

    Did you know that ancient North European and medieval agrarian societies celebrated beginning the year in the spring (vernal equinox) because that was the season of growth, rebirth and new life?

    It might be interesting to research the history of this shift. Why do you think the fiscal year is different from the calendar year?

    Uniform holidays are yet another face of globalization. Christmas itself replaced another, much older "longest night of the year" festival celebrated all over Europe from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia.

    We should not forget the earlier traditions displaced by globalization. That is why I asked everyone to write about their "new year" holiday traditions. You did not really tell us anything specific about yours.

  6. Hello everyone.
    Happy new year with healthy and love.
    Fist off all I’m a Christian person. I believe in God. That god is a spirit. Like a strong theory that teach us to love people, to help them when need us. This God sent us his son as human to teach us the right. His name was Jesus. As Jesus grow up teach to forgive the people, to give them our love. He passed a lot of ugly situations, and tortures. But he never complains about anything. Because he believes at persons and he knows that even a bad person could be a good person. He gave them a change to understand their mistakes and become better. Before he dies said in twelve person that he entrusted that they have to continue his teaching and his work.

    I believe that everyone needs to believe in something, big and strong. My God ‘says ’to me, to be strong, to feel love, to hope, to believe in myself.
    This is the reason that I’m Christian. Maybe your God says to you the same things with different way.
    I give you an example: some people kill every day. They call themselves as persons that they believe in a God. But what kind of God is he that allows killing?
    A Christian person never kills.
    That’s the reason that we are celebrate the day of Jesus’ birth .These days we celebrate with all family, like the movies on TV. But the most important is our feelings.

    The New Year is not very important to me. I don’t know the really reason that we celebrate the first January, but it is a good start to make some changes, to make some chooses. We spend our time with family, play cards, go out for a drink, go for a shopping and many that make us happy. .
    Thank you for your time. I hope to understand the meaning that I said .

  7. Mata

    I found your post disturbing and inappropriate. I hope that your statements reflect difficulty in expressing yourself in English as clearly as you intended.

    Statements like "My God" contrasted to "your God" create the impression that you believe in a different god, not the same one under a different name. What you wrote is could be offensive to those who do not share your beliefs and have their own beliefs.

    Unfortunately, many practitioners of different religions, including Christianity, fail to follow the guidelines to right behavior their religions set forth.

    That is beside the point.

    I want people from all religions to feel comfortable in this class. It is one thing to make a brief statement about what we believe. Our beliefs are part of who we are.

    Extended discussion of personal religious beliefs is 100% OFF LIMITS

    However, I would like to see us use this opportunity to learn more about our fellow classmates religions and other belief systems - and view them with respect and tolerance.

  8. Ms Vanessa
    Maybe I didn’t say the right words to express my feelings about this subject. I have no rich vocabulary. The sure is that I did not want to make feel bad anyone in our classroom from my statements. I think you know me
    And I want to ask for forgiveness if someone off you feel bad or strange with these that I said.
    I tried to explain as simply as I could about my religion. And that’s all.

    My sister will give birth her first child and I’ll must be with her at the hospital. In a two days I am going to go to Athens for 1 or 2 weeks to help her. So I won’t can to communicate with you. She has no internet in her house. When come back from my trip I’ll write you immediately. At the moment I have a lot of things to do before I leave.
    See you..


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