Sunday, December 16, 2007

listening downloads

Downloads for listening and reading: Develop your English listening and reading skills using MP3 audio files and audio scripts. You can listen to the files online, or download them onto your PC and put them on your MP3 player, then see if you've understood by reading the scripts. You can also read the stories online as you listen, and then do language activities, or print out the audio scripts and read the stories on paper as you listen.


  1. Hi Vanessa

    I'm sorry. Long time no see you.
    I've been listening online news of BBC, NBC, and CNN at least one or two articles a day. Though I could almost understand outlines of hem, I found I made misunderstand them.

    I think BBC learning English is very usefull for me. I can read news and listen it on line, so I can find whether my listening comprehension is good or not.

    By the way , I began to record my voice of reading news and listen to it. I realized how my pronunciation was poor.


  2. Hello Ms Vanessa and Sadamu.
    I like very much to listening texts and reading at the same time. In the BBC newspaper has files like that. When I have time and be alone I listen them and repeat after that, or read alound at the same time. But generally I have good pronciation.

  3. Sadamu

    I hope recording your voice reading will not make you too self-conscious to try it again.

    Besides using the recording to check practice areas, you can also compare recording to check progress and "problem sounds."

    Reading out loud is good practice. When you start, your pronunciation will not be as good as it will with practice. But don't record and listen every time that you read out loud. Give yourself practice and improvement time between recording.

    Has anyone else tried this? Do you think it will help you?

    Has anyone tried voice chat to practice speaking?


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