Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Time for introductions again

OK folks - time to introduce ourselves again. We have a new member, Penelope. Insyteading of waiting for her to introduce herself, let's start the ball rolling. Besides, it's a good opportunity for those who have not been posting regularly to get back in the habit.

I live in a small town in the state of New Mexico. Before moving here in December 1999, I was in Davis CA at the the University of California and in south Louisiana before that. I taught at university in Louisiana, California and New Mexico and then online, but now I am more or less retired. I say "more or less" because I am still very busy even in not working for a paycheck. Today is the 4th of July, which is a big holiday in the US. Mountainair has its Independence Day celebration on the Saturday before the 4th, which was this past Saturday. You can see pictures of the parade on my Mountainair blog, Mountainair Arts at

Your turn... Kim, Yupaphat, Anita, Mustapha and everyone else...


  1. Hello peeps & greeting new friends:)

    My name's Tai from Thailand, I joined Vanessa's class last year, Mar 26, but I've lacked of inactivating in the class recently (I'm no excused) and also I got a reminder eamil last week. If I don't show up today, teacher Vanessa would kick me out for sure, I belive :P

    I'm studying biology in the majoring field of Genetics at Stockhoml university. In the beginning, it was very tough for me. Every thing was new and it was my first time to study abroad.

    Right now, I'm starting in Swedesih class. It's only elementary level. Their grammatical are quite strange but it's not so far difference from English language. There are lots of fun because I meet people from many countries. One more surprising, the teacher told me in the first time that she can't speak english!! That mean in the first time, I'm really no idea to understand what did she say anything. Strangely, after 3 week I can understand what is she going to say. It's good experience tho.

    Anyway,I'm still participating in the class, please don't kick me out from the class :)

    Your lazy student,

  2. Hi Ms. Vanessa, How are you?

    First of all, I would like to say " HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS ON THE INDEPENDENCE DAY OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, THE OLDEST DEMOCRACY IN THE WORLD. Independence day is always an unforgetful event in any country's history. It speaks of the sacrifices, struggles etc. made by freedom fighters and in respect of America of Ms. George Washington, who fought and defeated the armies of Lord Cornwallis. Being defeated at the hands of Washington, Lord Cornwallis came to India and defeated Indian forces. India got independence in 1947 and became a democratic country.



  3. How good to hear from you Tai. We've missed you, but it's obvious that you've been busy. Not to worry - I'd nag you a lot & send more emails before kicking you out.

    Structurally, English and Swedish are both Germanic languages. There are also lexical similarities - "friends" or words close enough for you to make an educated guess about what they mean. Plus you are in an immersion situation - maximum exposure.

    The more languages you learn, the easier it is to learn another from the same family as one you've already learned. Between German and English (not to mention Old English which is more like German than it is like English), I can usually work out simple texts in Swedish or Dutch. Norwegian is supposed to be very much like Swedish.

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  5. Hi teatcher Vanessa, hello everyone!

    My name is Mustapha. I was born in Morocco. I came to germany in 2001 and I am living here. I am studying computer scince. At the moment I'm doing a practical training for my study. It's a part of my study so I have to do it.
    I am here to improve my English skils and to meet other people from other countries and with other cultures.
    Thank you teachter Vanessa that you take time to help us.

    Best regards


  6. Hello Teacher Vanessa and all the members of the group.
    My name is Kim Tran, 47 years old. I'm living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I've joined Vanessa's class for three years. Sorry, I wasn't in class for a long time due to busy work. I promise I will be on class. I hope you all will help me improve my English skill. Thank you so much! Kim.

  7. Hi everyone!
    My name is Penelope, I have 37 years old and I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My marital status is single, but I have a partner that lives with me. We don’t have children, but we have three dogs that are our brightness. I’m a Psychologist and I work with Human Resources at a company here in Rio de Janeiro. The company where I work is Norwegian and sometimes I have to write and to speak in English, so, this is the reason that I would like to join this class. I find this way that I think will help me to study!

  8. Hi All

    I'd not visited this blog for a while. So I found Vanessa's request for our selfintroduction and our new classmate today.

    My name is Sadamu. I'm 68 years old. I live with my wife and a son in Saitama, near Tokyo in Japan. I live on my pension now.

    Although I have no steady job, I'm very busy now. I have several hobbies, playing the ocarina, playing contact bridge, and learnig English.

    I've been learning English for 5 years at Vanessa's class. I'm sure I made a big progrress in learning English. However it's not enough for me to read newspapers, to understand TV/radios, and speak it.

    I'm still going to learn English at this class with you.


  9. Hi all!
    I’m not posted to blog some time but when I found request of Vanessa for our self introduction, I’m decided to do it.

    My name is Mark. I’m 48 years old. I live in small town Bat Yam nearly Tel Aviv in Israel. I live with my wife and two sons. I’m technician of service post machines. All documentation is written by English. I began to study English in our group since December 2006. I need to learn English for my job and to watch movies…I’m reading newspapers, books but it’s not enough.
    I thing our blog it’s very useful thing for everyone!


  10. Hi all,
    I didn't post any message on the blog for along time. there was some thing special and important happened to me in the last period. When I will be ready to respond to your questions, I will tell you about it( I promise you).

    Anyway, my name is Khadija, having 28 years old. I'm from Morocco, married and having three children. Recently , I had my bachelor's degree in Public Law. Learning English in Vanessa's class helps me a lot to enrich my culturel background. great thanks to our dear teacher Vanessa.


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