Tuesday, July 24, 2007


July 24, 2007

Hello every body!
My name is Phan Minh Tri. I am new learner and grateful to meet you. I contradict myself, On English language. I like it, I dislike it too.
I like it since throught it we know each other, know Vanessa –my respectable teacher. The more I know much world cultrure and many human knowledge too. Many research work, work tool, …and means that are written by English and guided by English language. It is also an international language.
I dislike it. As you know it takes much time from us. It is a barrier in finding scholarship and getting a good job… I have considered it as the first hostile.
Now I determine to change it to my good friend, my advantage, my enthusiasm.
I wish you many enthusiasm about English and it will be your advantage in working and living.
Thank you!
Phan Minh Tri.


  1. Phan

    Sensible and appropriate attitude. Doing this (learning English) together will make it more fun.

    Why not tell the rest of the class a little more. Specifically, what do you need to learn English for? Studies? Work? Travel? Business or commerce?

  2. Hi Phan

    Welcome to our Blogging English.
    I'm glad to learn English together with you.

    You are likely to be enthusiastic about learning English.
    If you don't mind, please tell us more about you.


  3. Hello
    Thank you for your comment.I am grateful to meet you.
    I am Phan Minh Tri. I live in Ha noi, Viet Nam. I have graduated Viet Nam Economy University and work as a marketing Manager. I like watching TV, reading books and newspaper..
    English is important for me in working and studing. In my contry it is standard to recruit human resources and in the world it is standard to get a scholarship…
    I think if we live in England or US for two or three months we will speak English well..

  4. Tell us more about the company where you work as a marketing manager? What products or services does the company sell? How do you you market them? What do marketing managers do?

  5. PS

    It takes a lot more than 2-3 months in a country to learn to speak the language well.

  6. Hello Phan,
    I am yuphaphat. my name might be a little difficult to foreigner to say it so if you want to, you can call me "yu". I have been in teacher Vanessa's class for a couple of years now but I haven't been participating in the class too much since I got a job and have 2 kids. Thank you to teacher Vanessa for still letting me be in the class. This is the second time for me to post in "Blog". Last time I tried to send the myself introduction letter.

  7. teacher Vanessa is right about it takes more than 2-3 months in a country to learn to speak the language well, to me anyway. I have been in USA for 3 years now but I can't speak that well.:)

  8. Yupaphat

    I bet you have functional English - does the job it needs to do.

    We would all like to learn to speak other languages with a perfect accent and as well as a native speaker. However, that is not, in most cases, realistic.

    Can we communicate clearly? Understand well? Both are more important that sounding like a native.

    Think too in terms of improving: do you feel your English has improved over the past few years?

  9. I think the teacher is right again about that 'communicate clearly' and 'understand well' are more important that sounding like a native. However, I found out that sometimes if we don't say the words to make it sound like what the natives say, it is hard for them to understand what you are talking about.


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