Tuesday, July 10, 2007


(Note from Vanessa - here is Gusa's introduction that was in drafts. Please reply and let's get some discussion going)

Hi everyone,

It´s the first time I write to all you and I guess I have to introduce myself.

My name is Gusa, is not my real name, it´s a nickname. I have five sister and one brother and I'm the youngest and when I was born, my father chose my name: Consuelo ( I don´t know the translation to English but the meaning is: when a person is sad and you or whatever makes this person happy). My mother chose the name of all my silibings, and they have really nice names, but I don´t like mine and neither the rest of my family and they began to call me Gusa.

I live in Madrid,which is the capital of Spain. I have been living here for fourteen years. I came to study audiovisual communication and now I work in a film production company, I'm in charge of the production documentary film department. I love my job, because almost everyday is different, each documentary is a new world, and I have to learn about the new subject everytime.

I know it is a brief presentation, I promise to write and comment [more] but [writing in English is very hard].

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