Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reading Sage: Reading Boot Camp

…reading is the key to learning grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and writing. The "reading boot camp" described here is for a classroom but can also be adapted to self paced study. If you teach, think about trying it. If you are in a class, ask your teacher about trying a reading boot camp. You could also form a reading a group based this model. 
Reading Boot Camp uses the Finnish model of cooperative learning structures, collaborative teaching, enrichment, and active student learning! 
Putting great literature, poetry, games and books in children’s [and any readers'] hands is the foundation of Reading Boot Camp, not predigested workbooks, endless photo copies, and needless busy work. Reading Boot Camp is back to basics with a common sense sledge hammer to the outsider. Students find it rewarding and fantastic! Why implement Reading Boot Camp? 
The real answer is kids love reading and learning! The administrative answer is, 95% of all students that attend Reading Boot Camp make over a years growth in reading. 90% of all students including NES, ESL, and special education students pass state reading test in some of the poorest Title I schools! Reading Boot Camp is the same Education model that is used in Finland with amazingly the same results!
Reading Sage: Reading Boot Camp 

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