Sunday, February 24, 2013

Movies for Learning English

…are an effective way to build listening comprehension and vocabulary ~ and entertaining too. Sadammu recently wrote asking about movies:
My Dear Teacher Vanessa  
Sorry for my not writing to you for a long time. Though I didn't e-mail to you these days, I had read your post on Facebook. So I know you are in high spirits.  
By the way, you taught us many resources before. I'm now interested in watching movies. I looked for it on my PC. But I couldn't find it. I missed it. Would you tell me resources for free movies which you showed us?  
Regards, Sadamu

I replied:
I'm posting your question to Blogging English to answer there. Despite the silence, we do get regular visitors. I know I've posted links to movie resources but forgot to label them. That makes them hard to find.  
Open Culture's free movies on line and YouTube come to mind. There are also page and whole sites on movies for learning English: 
There are more resources, but this is a start.
Does anyone else have suggestions? Please share them in comments.

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