Monday, September 03, 2012

Good evening Ms Vanessa..and all my classmates!!

I miss everyone ..  I have to talk to you over a year .. And that's because I go to school.  Νow Ι finished my  school and I'll go to  university. I Passed my exam successfully and will study at a university in the field of sociology. I'll start the lessons in October..

I'm very happy and wanted to share it with you .. I think I forgot to write the English language

 There have been many changes here .. and now I can follow your discussions ..

This is my new  from me for now .. I have much to tell you .. about my experiences at school and how important it was for me .. I would like to learn your news you from here .. Ms VANESSA I want to learn new  from you ..

 Sincerely Mata..


  1. Congratulations! There will be a lot of writing and reading too. Will any be in English? For sociology, you might be interested in supplementing classes with ones in your field from Coursera, Udacity, EdX, etc.

    I've made changes too that I will write about ~ you've reminded me that I'm overdue posting an update.

  2. I Think I'll need to study and give some exams in a language which I would choose .. I chose the English .Maybe I need your help ..this School is not easy .. and I want to pass the exam with good score.I hope to succeed

  3. I do not know yet what will be the requirements of knowledge in a foreign language .. I will inform you and ask for your advice .. Thank you, Vanessa. Ι'm gland to be here again..

  4. I'll be waiting. That would be a good project too... study resources for an English as a foreign language for a university requirement. I bet there are others else where doing the same.

    As I mentioned earlier (or think I did), we seem to have a number of lurkers who visit regularly but remain silent. Maybe this will encourage them.


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