Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mobile ESL

anywhere, anytime

Are you on the go? Do you have a mobile device? Have you used it to study English? Mobile learning, also called m-learning, is growing. Here are a few links to help you get started.

The potential of mobiles for learning is enormous. Students are today online round the clock and although much of that time is spent on social activities it is time for schools and universities to move into the mobile space. Many are already there but there's still a great degree of suspicion among faculty about the potential of mobile learning. The infographic above gives a hint of this (click on the picture for a full screen view).

Mobile ESL, Learning and teaching ESL using cellphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

ESL Video reviews with a Getting Started Guide (suggestions for getting started with mobile learning) and more reviews of apps

Mobile ESL's YouTube channel has 67 videos, subscribe for updates 

How students are using mobile learning in and out of the classroom 

Do you have favorite apps and ways to use your mobile to study English? Please share them with us.

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