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Grammaropolis: Personified Parts of Speech

Grammaropolis: Personified Parts of Speech

What it is: Grammaropolis is a site I have long been a fan of. I’ve written about it in the past in these posts. Grammaropolis recently got a significant upgrade with TONS of new, great features. The site now includes character descriptions for nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, conjunctions, prepositions and interjections. In addition to the great descriptions, each character includes a song, videos, book, games and, soon, quizzes. Not all of this content is free, but there is enough free content to be useful in every classroom no matter the budget. All of the content associated with the Noun character is free. Every other character includes the character description and book for free. The music, videos, quizzes and games are “extras” that are available by subscription.

The characters interact true to their characteristics. For example, in the “Noun Places” video, Noun sits looking through a photo album of places. As he flips the pages, he names the places. “Antarctica,” he says. Adjective, who is sitting next to Noun, exclaims, “beautiful!” Adverb agrees, “very.” The videos and books are so well thought out and really demonstrate to students how the parts of speech are used. So smart!

Grammaropolis can be used as a whole class using an interactive whiteboard or projector-connected computer. Learn about, and explore, the different parts of speech as a class. Choose a new part of speech character each week and encourage students to spot the part of speech character in their own writing with a colored pencil or marker that matches the character color. Books can be read as a class on the big screen. Each book begins with the cast of characters with a short description of each part of speech. As you read together, discuss the way that the part of speech characteristics are revealed by their interactions with other characters. The same can be done with the videos!

Students can play the games on classroom computers as a center, or on individual computers in a lab or 1:1 setting. After your students familiarize themselves with the parts of speech characters, they can write their own creative stories featuring the characters. This is great for older students! Students will have to remember that the characters have to act in ways that are true to their nature.

Tips: There are a few different options for a Grammaropolis subscription, the options are very reasonably priced. Grammaropolis also has a brand new store that has some fun grammar shwag. If you have an iDevice, check out the Grammaropolis app!

Please leave a comment and share how you are using Grammaropolis in your classroom!

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