Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Learn English - with Audio and Transliterations

Jacob Richman" < an educational website called Learn English with Audio and Transliterations

The site is a free, on-line, educational resource for ESL and EFL students to learn English words. The flash site incorporates 40 topics, along with over 1,500 English words and phrases. When you click on a word or phrase you can hear it spoken. The high quality audio was created in a sound studio.

The site is multilingual. The menus, transliterations and translations are in four languages: French, Hebrew Russian and Spanish. There is an English Only menu, for those that prefer not to use language translations and transliterations.

Both the student and the teacher will find the site easy to use and very educational. As mentioned, the site is free to all.

Feedback (in English) is welcome. 

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