Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Beginners - Resources, Lesson Plans, Activities

The current issue of About.com's ESL's Newsletter focuses on beginners and includes: helpful 20 point absolute beginner teaching guide; other beginning level English lesson plans; review or starter with 25 basic English lessons; practice exercises for asking questions in English; a lesson explaining the common verbs do or make.

Are You an Absolute Beginner? 
Do you understand the question? If yes - you are not an absolute beginner. If no - then you might be an absolute beginner. A simple definition of absolute beginners... Read more

Teaching Beginners 
There are two two types of beginners: absolute and false beginners. Here are some general tips for teaching absolute beginners... Read more

Do or Make? 
Do or Make? One of the most common problems for beginners and intermediate learners. They both have similar meanings, but there are differences. Here is a review sheet explaining the difference between the two verbs ... Read more

25 Essential English Lessons 
Basic English lessons for beginning English learners. Use this basic English essentials gallery as a great way to study the basics in one easy to use area of the site. Each English lesson provides basic information and is followed by a short quiz ... Read more

More interesting things:  games and puzzles for low stress easy practice and review from Laurence Kelly's Interesting Things for ESL Students website

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