Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Xuan Bui's Beautiful City

Copied from Advanced Writing on Google Groups and reposted here for Xuan Bui, our most recent Blogging English member,  

It is the time for me to introduce you my beloved city. Its name is Ho Chi Minh city. Immediately after the communist takeover of South Vietnam in 1975, a provisional government renamed the city after Hồ Chí Minh, the pre-eminent Vietnamese leader.

Located at 10°45'N, 106°40'E in the southeastern region of Vietnam, It is one of largest cities of our country but it is the most active city here. It is also a crowded city with a population around 7,123,340 (2009 on April 1). The city has a tropical climate, specifically a tropical wet and dry climate. A year is divided into two distinct seasons.

Ho Chi Minh city is a home of hundred of cinemas and theatres, printing and publishing houses, bookstores and a widespread network of public and school libraries. You can visit the Museum of History, the Museum of Revolution, the Museum of Southern Women, the Museum of Southeastern's Armed Forces, the Museum of Fine Art, the Gallery for War Remnants, the Nha Rong Memorial House, the Ben Duoc Relic of Underground Tunnels and many private art galleries.

You can easily find a lot of tropical fruits here such as mango, Cainito, plum-tree...those are almost the fresh fruits. It is also a lot of coffee shops here with many styles such as French, Italy… and Vietnamese country style. There are many Pho restaurants in the city to enjoy which are very inexpensive. Pho and bun are those kinds of Vietnamese noodle style.

Traffic in Ho chi minh city is a big problem with any foreigners at the first time here. There are a lot of narrow and zigzag streets. Enter the street and you will see buses, trucks, vans, mini-trucks, cars and taxis, motorcycles, bicycles, cyclos, even wheelchairs but the most popular transportation here is  motorbike. The most inconvenient thing is a lot of traffic jam which takes you the long time to transport, prevent you from having more time to work and relax.

Even though It still have some inconvenient matters but I love it.

Xuan Bui

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  1. I posted Xuan Bui's delightful essay for her because she is new to Blogging English and does not have full posting privileges yet. I added the picture to show the beauty of the city. Perhaps I should have included a picture of a traffic jam with bicycles and motorbikes. :)

    I hope Xuan Bui will add notes in comments.

    Also, Sadamu has written about Hidaka and Allun about Hong Kong


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