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My city - Hong Kong

My City _ Hong Kong (HK)

Leding by the Ching Dynasty failed attempt to stop the British trading in opium, under the Teaty of Nanking in 1842, Hong Kong, being ceded to Britain, was just a collection of a small fishing village, there were some simple homes and few ships in the harbour, with merchant ships coming from all over the world, everything changed. Merchant came to open shops, hotel, restaurants, banks and trading companies.

1848s HK, 1869s HK

In the 1970s to 1990s, there are many smaller factories and trading companies in the city. The main industries in the Hong Kong area include garment manufacturing and electronic accessories producing. In fact, For finding the new life, a lot of people from the mainland China moved to Hong Kong after the World War II, where suddenly grew rapidly into a busy city, in not more twenty years, its population went from 3 million to over 7 million. 95% are Chinese, the rest are foreigners.

1950s HK, 1990s HK

Under the unique principle of ‘one country, two system’ , Hong Kong returned to Chinese sovereignty on 1 July 1997 as a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. Hong Kong’s magnificent harbour has been the key to its development as a trading port and enter port for China, progressing through an industrial era to become a leading financial and services centre in Asia. The unique blend of eastern and western influences, matched by diverse attractions and stunning countryside, has also made Hong Kong Asia’s prime tourist destination.

HK Map

Hong Kong is situated on the southeast coast of China at the mouth of the pearl River facing the south China Sea, today covers 425 square miles (1,104 square kilometers), the territory is made up of Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula and New Territories. At the core is Victoria Harbour, which separates Hong Kong Island from Kowloon and beyond that, the New Territories that runs up to the boundary with mainland China. As well as making up the bulk of Hong Kong’s land mass, the New Territories also incorporates 262 outlying islands, including Lantau where the airport is located.

The Star Ferry service has connected Hong Kong Island and Kowloon since 1898, while the electric tram system has been in place since 1904, when you walk along the street, you’ll easily notice modern and traditional things existing side by side, As so many taxis, buses, mini-buses, trams or trains, especial the Mass Transit Railway (MTR), you can go where you like for sightseeing with very convenient to visit a place.

Hong Kong, is a shopping and eating paradise and has so many wonderful sights that a tourist may never be able to see all of them. In next essay, I will give reasons why I think so.


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