Monday, October 20, 2008

A virtual tour of Hong Kong- Nan Lian Garden

My name is Allun, living in Hong Kong where is located the south part of Mainland China is a small modern city. In Feb this year, I have joined in the Chi Lin Nunnery, which is a Buddhism charity.

My working place is in the Nan Lian Garden, where is designed as a garden in the style of the Tang Dynasty, a classical circulatory landscape garden based on the blue print of the Jiangshouju Garden in Shanxi Province, the shape of which bears a close resemblance to the Garden site.

In 2003, the HKSAR Government invited Chi Lin Nunnery to join hands in promoting traditional Chinese culture to design and build a classical with art of landscape garden named Nan Lian Garden, Government would fund the infrastructure and construction works , and the other costs would be donated by Chi Lin as a contribution to the community.

The Garden was opened to the public in November ,2006. To ensure that the valuable experience gained in the construction of the Garden can be continued in the future, Chi Lin has undertaken to be responsible for the maintenance, management and operation of the garden for a period of 5 years for a nominal fee of HK$1. Chi Lin would strive to establish a working model for the future of the Garden during this period.

Part of my job is guiding a tour of the Nan Lian Garden to help visitor(s),mainly are China and Hong Kong Chinese people , appreciate the Garden. I want to hold a virtual tour and invited Vanessa and all our contributors to join in the tour of Nan Lian Garden, I will try to learn and use English guiding and explanting the tour on the specific scenic spots with picture on the blog., The tour will be planned to write into several separated paragraphs and continued to delivery on the blog every week or not more than 10 days. Welcome to raise questions, I will try to answer and share all I knew.


  1.'s a nice place...I liked it

  2. Hi

    I am Rajeev from New Delhi, India. From the pic., it looks nice and hope that one day I would definitely visit this place. Can you tell something more about this place and other similar places in your area.

    Delhi is an ancient city and it is believed that this Delhi is the 10th Delhi and before that 9 Delhi's were destroyed by invaders. It has more than 3000 monuments including
    Red Fort (Lal Quila) and Qutab Minar etc.



  3. Hi Allun,
    My name is Yuphaphat. I am originally from Thailand, not living in USA. I like the tours you post in Blogger. One of my dreams is to go visit China once in my life time. My grandfather from both mother's side and father's side were from China.


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