Monday, October 13, 2008

Benchmarks for scaling

Many ESL educators favor evaluating by scaling over test taking. This type of scaling is most frequently used to judge oral proficiency via an interview format.

How well do you think scaling would work in, say, evaluating capacity to write or read academic or professional material? What, if any adaptations, would be necessary?

Benchmarks for evaluating language skill level by scaling:
Level 5 (educated native speaker): no trouble using the language.

Level 4 (advanced): reads, writes, speaks, and understands with few
         errors.  At ease in the target language milieu.

Level 3 (advanced intermediate): Adequate skills in most subjects, but
         better in some areas than others.

Level 2 (lower intermediate) can communicate (with difficulty) in some

Level 1 (beginner) little or no familiarity with the target language.

report on validity of self-rating

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