Saturday, February 16, 2008

About ESL Newsletter

  About ESL Newsletter

from Kenneth Beare
We use a wide variety of forms depending on whether we are speaking to colleagues at work, friends at school or the director of a company. These articles will help you understand which forms you should use.

In the Spotlight
First name or last name?
Hello, Mr Franks! doesn't make much sense if you are talking to your friend Peter. However, it makes plenty of sense if you are speaking to the director of more

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Register Use
Imagine you are speaking to a colleague at work. Which do you think would be a better way to ask for some help: Tom, could you give me a hand, please? or Mr. Ackerman, could I trouble you to help me for a moment? more

Finding a Job for English Learners
The cover letter should always be included when sending your resume or CV for a possible job interview. This letter of application serves the purpose or introducing you and more


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