Tuesday, February 19, 2008

About ESL Newsletter: Complicated Sentences


  About ESL

  from Kenneth Beare
Things can get complicated in some English tenses: for example, when you are referring to a future time before which something will have happened, or speaking about something that had been happening up to another point in time. This week's newsletter features some new advanced tense resources.

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  1. Hi Vanessa

    Thank you very much for your information. I had English Learning Goals Quiz and I found that I was a global English learner.

    Yes, I'd like to improve my English as a hoby. When I began to learn English again at your class, I had strong motivation to learn English. My purposes for learning English were to read news paper and novels, to understand radio and TV, and write letters to my friends in English.

    As I made progress in learning English, I become to be able to do most of them by the least lebel.
    But I don't think I learnt English enogh at your class.

    I do believe "Practice makes perfect", so I should post to the Blogging English more often. But I didn't. Please keep an eye on me.


  2. Sadamu, what's your definition of "enough English"? I think you have learned a lot. Are your expectations realistic?


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