Monday, August 13, 2007

to vote "how long have you studied english?"

Hello teacher,
I would like to vote for "how long have you studied english" but I don't know how to do that. Please advice.


  1. Yupaphat

    The poll is closed now. I'll try reopening it, but thjat may lose the earlier votes. Next time I run a poll, I probably need to leave it open longer.

  2. OK - changing the closing date worked. The poll is now open until next Saturday.

    Now, I want to see EVERYONE vote. There are 19 in the blog and only 4 voted before it closed the 1st time. That's only a little more than 25%

    Tsk, tsk, tsk

  3. Hi Ms Vanessa and all.
    As you know I am very busy this time. I have no free time to work on our blog.But today is a religious day for Christian and I did not go to work.
    So I took a look here and I saw a lot of articles to read.
    I put my vote here and I hope some of these days I'll say hello and introduse myself to all new members.
    Good bye for now
    Have a nice day or a night all of you.

  4. thank you teacher,
    I did a vote today! there are 6 votes when I did today.
    by the way, what is TSK?
    and I guess Mata is another new student in the class :)

  5. Yupaphat

    Mata is about as "new" as you are. Both of you have been "away" but are, in a certain sense, prodigal returned students.

    "tsk" represents a tonge clicking sound that means "shame on you" - something disapproving aunties might say. This kind of word that is not really a word has a name that escapes my mind at the moment.


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