Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Speaking Strategies

Many ESL learners complain that they understand English, but don't feel confident enough to join a conversation. Here is a collection of speaking strategies, lesson plans, suggestion pages and more which will help you improve English speaking skills.


  1. I think this site http://www.chinswing.com

    the one which you ever told us. It's nice to practice steaking in the various topics. Maybe someone missed this one, don't be shy to talk. just say your opinion and post it !!

    hehe have fun^^

  2. tai

    I don't remember the site, but I don't always remember all the ones I check out. It does look like a good place to practice.

    And anyone who is self-conscious about speaking, no one will know it's use. Just use a pseudonym. And the practice will help you become less self conscious too.

  3. Thank you teacher Vanessa :)

    Next week I'm going to have my important presentation, I never present in english before and I'm a bit nervous actually. hopefully it will be fine :P

  4. Tai

    I'm looking up resources on oral presentations but will post them as new message.


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