Thursday, June 28, 2007

Good news - and some housekeeping

I have home computing again. It seemed for a while there as though I had to choose between losing files and a lot of work or spending money I couldn't spare. That's when I decided to wait a while and use public access computers. That meant spending less time with this class - less time for both blogging & class administration. I was behind processing applications as well as cleaning out slackers. I also maintain the web site for the Mountainair Chamber of Commerce and write a community blog, Mountainair Arts.

But just a few days ago someone gave me a purged tower.  So now I am back working at home - and probably spending too much time online! "Purged" means I have to install programs and have been spending a lot of time waiting on slow downloads on a dial-up connection. I am replacing as many as I can with open source programs.

While waiting on downloads, I caught up with the backlog at efi beginner. We have three new students, one of whom, Poliana, is ready to join us here. Be sure to welcome her when she posts her introduction. I processed 15 applications to join the class. In case you are now wondering if there will be too many students in the class for me to have time for you, many applicants don't complete the application process or never complete the 1st lesson. The other part of today's course housekeeping involved going through  all the student folders and clearing everyone who had not sent work or written to the blog in three months or more - cutting more slack for those of you who have been in the class a long time. The next step is to send reminders to everyone who is still in the class but behind with their work.



  1. Hi Ms. Vanessa,

    It is nice to find your name at the end of Mountainair Chamber of Commerce site'. Madam, will that site also be a part of this blog site? If it is the case then it is good because I have found completely different English. May be one day I will be also be able to write the same way. That's my ultimate dream.

    As regards phrasal verbs I have found a good site It is a good site and lots of exercises are there to practice.

    I have downloaded a few of them to study in my spare time. But, my problem is that when I tried to take the exercises I got 24 out of 25 correct phrasal verbs but when I try to use them in my writings I am not able to. I don't know why? Madam, is it due to lack of writing? Should be memorise these phrasal verbs?



  2. Rajeev

    Your question is somewhat confusing. Just because I maintain the Mountainair Chamber of Commerce web pages and post the link in a message does not mean they are part of this blog. The same goes for other pages and blogs. They are, however, "networked" by linking, which is not the same thing.

    I remember Phrasal Verb Demon. It's a good site and phrasal verb resource. Thanks for sharing.

    Not being able to use what you tested well on is very common - and not just with esl learners. Tests and quizzes are artificial and not a natural language use situation. That's why "drill and kill" approach is not effective - you memorize without truly assimilating.

    Why not make a list of no more than 3-4 phrasal verbs at a time. Write them down on an index card and write practice sentences. Then try to use them when you write on the blog.

    Also, phrasals are easier to learn in groups. For example, select 3-4 phrasal with a particular verb, preferably a commonly used one that you are more likely to be able to use.

  3. Hi Ms. Vanessa,

    Thanks for suggesting ways to improve using phrasal verbs. From now onwards, I'll prepare different cards and try to use them in different situations on this site. Earlier also, I had prepared Word Cards and was benefitted by them.

    Ms. Vanessa I had written difficult words on one part of the card and on the other it wrote its meaning(s) and their uses. It immensely helped me in improving vocabulary.





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