Tuesday, April 17, 2007

English for the Workplace

English for the Workplace - Level Test.
Take this 100 question test to discover your English level. This test was especially designed for English for Business (or the workplace) and focuses on standard business English phrases, vocabulary etc

Business Meetings in English
One of the most common requirements of business English is holding and participating in meetings in English.

Making Business Presentations - Key Phrases
This making business presentations outline provides a guide to giving a business presentation in English. Each section begins with the presentation section concerned, then the language formulas appropriate to giving.

PS to Rajeev - I can't answer your question because it makes no sense whatsover! Be more specific - always include examples. Please give at least one clear example of what you mean by your claim that "sometimes we use 'the' just to start a sentence." I don't.


  1. Vanessa

    I took the 100 questiontest to discover my English with fear today. At the end of the test, I was told that I was an intermidiate level English learner.

    As I made many incorrect answers through the test, I was very pleased to hear the result of it.

    I'm not sure how much progress I made in learning English at your class, but I felt that I made a big progress.

    It's all up to you. I thank you
    very much for your teaching.


  2. Sadamu

    You're welcome - but don't forget to take your fair share of credit too. Your efforts make the real difference. Genuine progress takes time and effort.

    Taking tests from time to time can be useful for checking progress. Just don't lose your persepctive. It's just a test - an indication of progress - and no test is perfect.

    Speaking of English for the workplace, you might be able to benefit from "English for the hospitality industry" if you are still working at the hotel.

    English for Hotel Staff

    10 Days in Manchester (BBC Business English)

  3. Hi Ms. Vanessa, How are you?

    I would definitely like to take this test. My last exam is on 25th May, 2007. Till then, I won't be able to devote much time. Kindly apologise me.

    As regards use of Article I would always keep this thing that I should give some examples.



  4. Rajee,

    What does your sentence, "As regards use of Article I would always keep this thing that I should give some examples," mean?

    You really must break the habit of using vague and non-specific (information free!) expressions such as "this thing."

  5. Hi Ms. Vanessa,

    Thanks! I know you are always there to correct my mistakes.




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