Wednesday, November 12, 2014

General notices post with open thread for suggestions, questions and requests

This morning I made one of my increasingly rare visits to the StudyCom Help Board and found a new question. Questions are even rarer than my visits. I still check in though -- and post notices telling visitors to come here instead.

The Help Board does not have an automatic notice system that lets me know when someone posts but the blog does. I get an email whenever someone posts a comment because comments are set for moderation --not just to prevent spam but also to know when someone posts a comment so I can reply.

I apologize for not posting more often  and will try to do better. This is not a high traffic blog, but it does have regular followers who probably get email or rss notices. I can tell because the numbers spike whenever I post. 

So let me know what kind of posts and resources you'd like to see. Comment on this post or email me at You can reply here (on this thread) or use the informal hangout and student lounge area, Virtual Coffeehouse to ask questions or leave suggestions in comments. Use the comment section to tell us more about yourself too. That will help me pick resources and topics to post about. 

Post grammar and usage questions here, in the Virtual Coffeehouse or on an open question thread since I no longer visit the EFI StudyCom Help Board regularly. 

No homework help or editing requests please! I do not answer grammar and usage questions privately or do private tutoring by email. Grammar and usage questions sent privately will be answered publicly with identifying sender information removed.

And  here's a special message for spammers. The blog has picked up a few very persistent and annoying spammers. They are not part of this community. I will never post any of their comments. I hope they read this post and stop. If they don't stop, I'll just keep on ignoring their attempts to post (that go straight to spam) and delete them from the spam folder once a month or so. The same goes for trolls, although we haven't had any of those. 

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