Sunday, May 26, 2013

Organize Your Writing in English

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From Kenneth Beare, your Guide to ESL
This week features a number of resources to help organize writing in English. There's also a look at the resources on the site dedicated to English for visiting the doctor or dentist. Finally, due to the popularity of last week's article on learning proverbs, there are three new proverb definition pages to help you learn proverbs appropriate for your level.

Get Your Writing Organized
This guide to text organization will help you improve your writing skills. There's information on how to link sentences together, how to compare and contrast ideas, and how to sequence... Read more

Proverbs for your Level
This last week there has been a great response to the proverb activities suggestions sheet. As so many have requested further proverb resources, here are twenty proverbs appropriate for each level with short definitions and a situation matching exercise to help you learn.... Read more

English for Medicine
English for Medical Purpose is one of many different types of English for Specific Purposes. You can find a number of resources including nursing vocabulary and wide range of dialogues... Read more

Guides to Grammar
On the site there are a wide variety of resources for major grammar points including explanations, exercise sheets, quizzes, and lessons. To help use these resources, there are a number of guides to grammar that provide basic grammar explanations, as well as pointing to appropriate worksheets, quizzes and lessons to further study the resources... Read more

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