Saturday, January 12, 2013

ESL Newsletters

…The #elt Daily , shown below, is not just for teachers…DIY/SRL learners too. DIY = Do It Yourself. SRL = Self Regulated Learning. Developing your own collection of learning materials is part of taking responsibility for your own learning and becoming an independent learner. ESL newsletters are one source. Subscribe to newsletters about learning English and others on topics that interest you (in English, of course).

In The #esl Daily the focus in more on learners. Both can be used by classroom teachers and independent learners.

You can also create your own newsletter. Sadamu, for example, might set up his personal to look for links about current events, his home town, playing bridge and the ocarina, and ESL speaking practice.

What can you do with your own newsletter?

  • Use it as a study resource
  • Set it to share automatically on Twitter or LinkedIN
  • Customize it for ESP or your our purposes or interests
  • Get a bookmarklet and save links by publishing them directly to your personal newspaper
  • Subscribe to blogs and feeds (less reliable than a feed reader)
  • Add a widget to your blog or webpage
  • Subscribe to email updates (on any

If we created our own ESL Study Group, what hashtags, rss feeds, keywords, topics, etc. should we include? What would you put in your personal newsletter?

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  1. bandana7:18 PM

    a newsletter sounds cool. what would be in it? can we make suggestions?


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