Thursday, August 02, 2012

Learning English Online (LEO) Tutorials at WizIQ

Some of you might find these useful. They are free too, but you have to register with WizIQ. If you register and try any tutorials, let us know what you think. Would you recommend them? If so, for what level or skill area? Anonymous is OK.


  1. This looks awesome!

    Thanks for this post. There is also a low-cost learning English solution available via Nellie Deutsch herself. Here is it :


  2. Vik, your post reads like borderline spam and is redundant since all the posts listed are to Nellie's classes. The main reason I approved your comment was to communicate with you. A link to your profile was no help.

    You are welcome to post resources but should describe them and include specific details such as topics covered (grammar, writing, etc), what level learner would you recommend them for, and so on. FYI, our preference is for free and open learning resources.

    If you post another resource without a description, I will mark it as spam. I doubt the phrase "Nellie Deutsch herself" would mean anything to most visitors.


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