Monday, May 07, 2012

My self introduction

Hi All

I've been learning English at Vanessa's class since 2004. However I was absent for almost 18 months. So I don't know any  one of this class. Let me introduce myself.

I'm now 72 years old. I live now on my pension. I live in Saitama, Japan. I have several hobbies. I'm very busy for them. At first, I'm crazy about playing contract bridge. I belong three bridge clubs. I spend 5 days at my club in a month. I'm a member of three teams. Each team play team match once a month. So I go to Tokyo 2-3 times in a month.
Besides, I play 8-10 boards almost every night on BBO which I can play bridge by free. I'm eager to improve my skills of bridge but it's not easy.   

I'm learning how to play ocarina. My friend and me visit nursery home once a month and play our ocarina. We asked them to song  children songs with our music. Aged people like to sing songs.
I have to practice to play my ocarina. Because I had never good score in school. Though I've been playing my ocarina for 5 years,
I'm still a beginner of it.

My third hobby is English. I read English news on Internet everyday. I have a subscription of Washington Post. I read an article which I am interested in at least the first paragraph of it . I visited BBC news. Thanks to Vanessa, I'm now able to understand main articles almost without looking up my dictionary.

I received e-mail from Vanessa last month. I decided to learn English at this class again. 
I'm old but I have a will to lean English. 
See you.



  1. Thanks, Sadamu. Maybe one day you will post a recording of yourself playing the ocarina. Going to nursing homes is a lovely idea. A poet-friend I've written about on my poetry blog developed the Alzheimer's Poetry project. It has similar features. Singing and reciting poems from childhoods helps the memory,

    Do you still play bridge too?

    We have 20-30 visitors a day but only a few followers. There are, of course, members from the last group who are still listed. Perhaps I should send them reminders.

    I tell those who write privately about lessons to come here. Now I also tell them not to send more private email: here is the only place I will answer them.

  2. Hi Sadamu,

    I am Rajeev Bahree, from New Delhi. I have also returned after a pretty long time. Actually, I was busy in some work and did not get any time to visit this site. I still remember you, Sir. I have greatly been benefitted by this site and thanks to Mrs. Vanessa, I am able to express myself without any hitch..


    Rajeev Bahree

  3. Hello Rajeev ~ how good to hear from you. What kind of work has been keeping you busy? Are you with a law firm or working independently. I look forward to catching up with you.


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