Thursday, December 03, 2009

How to subscribe to blog updates and more

Get new blog posts automatically emailed to you. Go to Settings on Dashboard - click "email & mobile" tab. You'll see "Email Notices" at the top of the page, Type your email address in the blank next to "BlogSend Address."  You can enter a comma separated list of up to 10 email addresses. This should work. If it does not or is not on your dashboard, let me know and I can add your address from my dashboard. You can subscribe to comment notification by email whenever you post a comment to a post.

I've heard from some about staying in the class. My next step will be to check past participation and start dropping those who have never posted or commented.

Next, perhaps a poll or survey for ideas on what direction. I am not interested in being the only contributor and like the idea of "projects." Some could be to educate the rest of us about some aspect of your own countries and cultures. Other projects could be taking turns to research an area of English study, look for handouts and exercises, and prepare a lesson for the rest of the class.

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