Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama's first speech as the US President

Hi All

How was your New Years Day? First of all, I'm sorry for my absence from this blog. I was so busy on my business that I missed to post to this for many months.

I was very interested in the US President election last year and I guessed that Clinton would win in it. So, I was surprised to hear Obama's victory. Then I wanted to hear his inaugural address. I had waited for it, but I missed it. Because he spoke at 2 am in our time and I was beaten by my sleepiness. As a result, I could listen to it on VOA web.

I thought that he spoke to all American, so it would be very understandable. However I couldn't understand most of them at first time. He spoke very clearly and modulated his voice for effect. I listed to it three time by today. Yet I don't think that I understand his speech.

I found that his speech appeared in our news papers in English with its translation. I got a copy of it yesterday. I'm going to study his speech as teaching materials. Because I was impressed by it and I could have its audio, its prints and its translation.


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  1. Hi Sadamu, How are you?

    When I first heard that Mr. Obama has won the elections I was not surprised but I saluted the American voters for their maturity of electing a non-white President. It is great. Kudos to you American people. I don't know exactly but I think he is a Muslim. Kindly correct me if I am in the wrong.


    Rajeev B


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