Friday, November 28, 2008

Hello all!!

Hello Ms Vanessa and all classmates
I apologize for my long time absence but I am not very good. Actually I’m very in a badly situation. My psychologically problems are still exists. Times to times I visit our site, but I can’t think anything to write. I think I loose my mind sometimes. I have lost a lot of weight and my smile. I think that I’m lonely in this world. I want to leave permanently, far away from all, sometimes I want to die. I know that it’s terrible to say that bur I feel like this.

I own to you writing assistant about an artist, but I can study for him now. I miss you all I really mean this. But for now I have to find myself. I have to find the old matoula.
I hope all you are well.

Sorry about this but I feel you my friends and I want to speak to a friend. I hope back to you again soon.

Take care, all of you!


  1. Dear Mata

    Never Give up!
    Good health


  2. Thank you!!I work on it!!

  3. Hi Mata

    How are you?

    Never give up in your life. Nothing is permanent - not even bad patches in our life. The phase through which you are passing can best be known as Depression. It comes sometimes in our life when we are frustrated. We get frustration when things don't move as per our expectations.

    Don't lose heart!



  4. BE strong!
    I see your picture for Christmas & New year. It is a nice picture. I think you are alot better now.

  5. Hi C. Yuphaphat & all classmates,

    As far as my knowledge goes it is always better to write something when we have nothing to do. All the great writers, in my opinion, had nothing to do in their life. So they took to writing and ultimately they became successful. I haven't come across anyone who was successful in some profession and he left it just for the sake of writing. If anyone has done that or knows about anyone kindly tell me.

    Another alternative is to listen to some good music. Sometime back I went through an article regarding music therapy being used by Malayasians (not sure about Malayasians) to cure certain diseases especially psychological ones.


    Rajeev ( Always eager to hear from your side)

  6. Hi again!

    Mata! In hindi the meaning of Mata is 'Mother' and of 'Pita' is father.





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