Friday, August 29, 2008

27 Best Internet Sites For English Language Learners

Ranked list of the 27 Best Internet Sites For English Language Learners -- 2008

There's a reader's poll that goes along with it for people to vote how they would rank them, too.

Also, you'll find over one hundred other "The Best..." lists at Larry Ferlazzo's - one busy ESL teacher and blogger


  1. Vanessa

    Thank you very much for your information. This 27 internet sites for English language learners are very interesting for me. Though I've been visiting each sites one by one since several weeks ago, I didn't finish to check all of them. I'm going to find several sites which I'm interested in. Then I would like to study them. I'll post my results in several weeks, I hope.


  2. Sadamu -

    You bring up a very important point - more than one as a matter of fact.

    First, there are so many study resources on the internet that you cannot possibly use all of them.

    You have to decide which ones suit your learning style and needs best.

    I'm interested in seeing which ones each of you chose and why. How much of a factor do you think profession, age and gender will be?

    Sometimes too you just need a change of pace. When that happens, you can take a "learning vacation" on other sites.


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