Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Eight Taste of life

Dear all contributors
Hello, my name is Allun, came from Hong Kong. Firstly,
I must thank for Teacher Vanessa invited me to join this blog.

This is my first time to be a member of online blog and
posting my comments to the website. I want to learn English through
this blog for improving my English reading and writing.

Below are some comments from me about the life.
Appeal all of contributors to taste it and comments.

The Eight Taste of life
Birth is doomed awaiting death.
The elderly know the value of youth.
Inverted disease when understand the value of health.
It is the face of death is the impermanence of life.
Love is a good friend of trouble.
Parting is an opportunity for the first date.
Grievances the excessive number of hidden expectations.
Hate is the opposite of love.

If found any mistakes and queries, please feel free let me know for
improvement. Thanks.



  1. Hi Allun

    Welcome to Blogging English. It's nice to learn English with you.

    My name is Sadamu and I'm 68 years old. I live in now near Tokyo, Japan. Also I live on my pension. As I have several hobbies and odd jobs now, I spend everyday very busy.

    I've been learning English for around seven years at this class.
    I'd like to improve my English too.

    I guess you wrote this sentences on your experience. Am I correct?
    I quite agee with your following sentence, " The olderly know the value of youth"

    I think you'd better introduce yourself more details. How old you are? Why you want to improve your English? Why you wrote such a poem (sentenses)? etc. So I can understand it better.


  2. Dear Sadamu

    Thank for prompt comment to my post, It is the first one return comment for my post.
    My name is Allun ,have lived in Hong Kong (HK) over 40 years. HK is one of the modern cities as Tokyo in the world. There is a part of the Mainland China and is located at the South China. Most of people in HK speak Cantonese.

    I am a man over 40 years old and have been married and no children. I have two elder sisters and a brother.

    I have done many different types of jobs such as garment accessories purchaser and an IT product distribution inventory controller. Now I am working at a classical style of the Tang Dynasty Garden, named Nan Liang Garden, where is located in North part of Hong Kong called Kowloon. My working is mainly assisting the administrative department to manage the garden. Here is my workplace website ( for your reference.

    Even I got a master degree in Project management and a high diploma in international computer study, due to all the about studies were taught by Chinese medium and examination in Chinese writing, so my English writing is quite poor and have always made the grammatical mistakes, that I have made up my mind to start from the basic to re-learn English. In fact my working hours is quite long. There are six working full days a week and nearly 9-10 working hours per day. so I can not attend any evening English course. EFI-Beginner may be the best and suitable course to me. I could learn and know how to improve the English reading and writing. I want to communicate with native people by better English expression. If I found the progress which give me the good enough confident to me, I will consider to take the ILETS examination within this year.

    My interesting is Chinese calligraphic, running and shadow boxing; shadow boxing is a sport from traditional Chinese. I always think that if my English writing is better, I can let more native people to know more about the culture of China and give me a chance to know more about the other side of the world!

    Yes, You are right, I wrote such sentences all on my experience.meanwhile I wish to raise such topic for discussing,
    in fact, I am not young, I wish to write something refering to my mind for sharing all of us.

    Thank once again for your comment,
    will keep post and wish to have your support too!

    Yours sincerely,

  3. Sadamu - HOW can you have been in this for SEVEN years when I have not been teaching it that long? Or does it just SEEM like forever? :-))

    It's really more like an ongoing study group than a formal class anyway. Admissions are on a rolling basis, which means I process them as they land in my mailbox. No one has to wait for the "next" class to start. There is no fixed starting or ending date. No certificate or credits... but I do post writing assignments as well as study resources and remind lurkers about participating more.

    All this makes learning in thos "class" (or study group) reflective and self-paced, which, in my opinion, is the most suitable way for adults to learn.

  4. Allun - thank you for such a detailed introduction.

    Thank you for the poem too. Is it adapted or translated from a traditional Chinese genre or style of poem?

    There are some fixed form "grammar" poems for practicing English. I'll check my files for them and we can have a poem writing assignment.

  5. Hi Allun

    Thank you very much for your post.
    I visited your work place by the bird's-eye view of Nan Lian garden on the web site. I can see many ancient architectures on it. It's likely to be a nice garden.


  6. Hi Allun, How are you?

    I am Rajeev from India, New Delhi. I am 30+ and have been learning English for the last one year and really speaking now I am able to write without any hitch. Yeah, of course, it is a long journey and still miles to go before I can sleep.

    For Ms. Vanessa,

    In your post you have mentioned about "fixed form - grammar poems". What's that? Do you mean "preposition songs" etc? Recently, I went through some of the youtube videos on grammar. They were awesome.

    I would love to write poems. Some time back, I wrote a poem and I will post it for you and everybody. I will write more..



  7. Hello Allun. Welcome to our class. I’m gland that time to time Ms Vanessa invites to our blog new people.
    It is pleasure for us to talk with new members.

    My name is Mata and I’m 37 years old. I’m from Greece. I have family with 3 children. They are girls, 22, 20, and 18 years old. They are big children so I have the time to do some things for me now.
    Firs I work in a laundry one or two days of week this time, but the spring and summer time I have full time of work. My hobbies are to hear music, to exercises in the gym, and to study, English and Italian languages. Time to time I study philosophy, Latin, and ancient language.

    I like the poem that you send to us, because include words with an important, deep meaning. If you analyze each word apart from others you can see that tell to us a lot.
    I’ll write some of my thoughts for these words soon.
    I saw the pictures of your work. They are very beautiful. You work in a nice environment.

    Welcome again in our team.
    Friendly, Mata.

  8. Mata, Allun & all

    Reintroducing ourselves to new class/blog members reacquaints with other class members and encourages lurkers to join in again. That's life too - meeting new people and keeping up with old friends we've lost touch with.

    Maybe it's time for the rest of us to introduce ourselves again.

    I like the idea of pictures too. Let's all post pictures - or links to pictures - of ourselves and where we live.I just got back from visiting Santa with friends. Meriel's husband took a lot of pictures so I'll have new ones of myself to post.


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