Saturday, September 22, 2007

Does subscribe email work ?


How is every one :)

The subscribe email above, I tried three of my diffent email, yahoo,hotmail and gmail. All of them doesn't work and I got a message "Email Address Problem". Btw, anyone has ever recieved the notification email when there are new posted ? I think Blogger itself might have some setting menu to send the notification email to members.

Today, I google about how to write scientific report for my first manual script in english!! eww so dificult for me. In the internet, they are almost the same pattern to write the report but I think I got some problems when I write my report is how to describe something in specific field. In general, I'm also not good in describing a thing. I think because of my lacking of vocabularies.

bye for now


  1. About subscribing - there is a problem there. I keep resetting subscriptions in Feedblitz. They don't hold. I suspect the problem comes from our blog being closed to the public.

    And yes, youy can change settings menu to have blogger send you copies of posts and even comments too - if yours are like mine. Go to "settings" on the dashboard and then to "Email" (BlogSend Address).

  2. About specialized vocabularies...

    You are absolutely correct about needing the vocabulary to write about something. This is especially important in technical writing topics with specialized vocabularies.

    There are many, many specialized dictionaries and glossaries online. Try a google search using "glossary" + [name of specialized subject area]


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